Michigan Anger & Behavior Management provides highly effective classes that help you regain control of your emotions and manage your responses to anger

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Anger-Management Classes

Our anger-management program teaches you how to handle stressful situations while maintaining control over your anger and reactions.

Classes are designed to address your unique situation or personal triggers that cause you to become angry. You'll also learn anger-management techniques and coping strategies that will work particularly for you.

Anger Is Not The Issue

How You Manage It Is.

Anger is not necessarily a problem — it’s a natural and normal emotion. Anger becomes an issue when we are not able to make constructive choices about what to do with it.

Gaining Control of Ourselves

by George Anderson

George Anderson’s books are studied at several universities, and utilized by large companies and organizations such as the United States Postal Service.

In “Gaining Control of Ourselves”, Mr. Anderson notes five essential areas for impulse control: Communication, Anger Management, Relationship Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Stress Management. Each area is extensively covered in our course!

Emotional Intelligence Defined

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability of the individual to assess and control the emotions of themselves and others. This type of intelligence is not static; it is possible for anyone interested in improving his or her emotional intelligence to benefit from coaching or classes.

I'm Ready To

Help My Anger


Michigan Anger & Behavior Management offers highly effective classes designed to help you unlearn or redirect negative responses to anger. We teach you how to recognize early warning-signs of oncoming anger, take the necessary steps to gain your composure as well as how to respond to situations in a positive way.

With our well-established method of teaching anger-management classes, you can be sure that you'll get personal solutions to address your unique situation.

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